A holistic approach to moving forward

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Just Works offers a positive ‘next step’ forward towards work-readiness for its partner participants, supporting their development through its innovative and flexible approach. 


Just Works offers a holistic, individually-tailored programme that tackles both personal development and employability themes, in tandem. 

Our partner programme combines;

  • Education.
  • Training.
  • Health and Well-being. 


We do this through a range of activities including;

  • Taught lessons.
  • E-learning.
  • External course provision.
  • Well being management: one-to-one counselling, managing emotions sessions, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, music and cooking.
  • Physical exercise: Running, tennis & squash.

We always consider each person as unique and identify the help and support that they might need as an individual.


Our partners also have a variety of options for employment-focused participation including;

  • Working or volunteering in one of our own ecosystem of micro-businesses.
  • Developing business ideas for self-employment.
  • Exposure to goal-relevant opportunities for work experience and volunteering.
  • Delivery of the service contracts we hold which offer paid work.

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